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Dog Walking & Pop-in visits
We all love our dogs and in an ideal world would love to spend all day with them but sometimes life gets in the way! Our Dog Walking & Pop-in service ensures your dog is well exercised & cared for during the day when you are unable to, whatever the reason.

We can provide:
  • Companion walks (your dog and 1, 2 or max 3 other buddies)
  • Solo one to one & single household walks
  • Pop-in visits for a short walk or toilet break


Companion walk
45 mins £10 per dog
30 mins £8 per dog
50% discount for additional dogs from same household

Solo 1:1/single household walks
30 mins
£10 per dog + £2 per each additional dog in the household

Pop-in visits
15-20 mins
£6 per dog + £1 per each additional dog in the household

Im'paw'tant information

All prices quoted are for regular weekday walks, we are unable to service any adhoc or one-off requests. Weekends & Bank Holidays carry a 50% surcharge & are subject to availability.

Solo 1:1 walks & Pop-in visits are dedicated to just the dogs in your household & prices are based on a neighbourhood walk with no travelling.

Our companion walks consist of 2 to 4 well matched dogs. We prefer a maximum of 4 rather than larger packs so we can stay in control & ensure a safe & enjoyable walk for the dogs, ourselves and those we may bump into during the walk. Dogs may still be walked alone if no other dogs are available on any given day.

Dogs are safely separated during transit unless they usually travel together.

Any time spent collecting, dropping off or travelling for a companion walk is added on to your dogs time with us

Off lead walks for the well behaved!

Dogs walked with other dogs need to be well socialised, have good recall (or walked on a flexi-lead), be fully vaccinated, able to travel and preferably speyed/neutered

Dog walks are available to dogs living in Stamford, Great Casterton, Little Casterton, Tinwell, Collyweston, Ketton, Easton on the Hill & Wothorpe 

Please see our gallery below or visit our Facebook page to see some of our customers out & about on their walks.

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