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Dog Walking & Pop-in visits

We all love our dogs and in an ideal world would love to spend all day with them but sometimes work, families or other commitments means this is not possible. Our Dog Walking & Pop-in service aims to bridge this gap & ensures your dog is well exercised & cared for during the day when you are unable to, whatever the reason.

We can cater for most dogs requirements whether it be a quick pop-in for a wee break, a walk just us & them round the local neighbourhood or a fun, countryside walk with a few other friends.

 We can also keep your dog for longer & give them 2 walks for a discounted price. 

Our prices are detailed below.

Standard Dog Walk
45 mins walk (plus any travel) with some like-minded friends
In a countryside location a short drive away (unless you have one on your doorstep)
£10 per dog
+£5 for additional dogs from the same household

Extended walk
2 x 45 min walks over a 2-3 hour period in our company
 Rest & refreshment in between
£18 per dog

Solo/single household walks
20 mins from £7.50
30 mins from £10
Price depends on your location, whether any travel to a walk is required &, for multi-dog households, the number & type of dogs. Please ask for a quotation. 

Pop-in visits
£6 per 15 minutes (for up 2 dogs)

Im'paw'tant information
The length specified for our Standard group walk is the time spent 'on location' at the walk & not the time it takes to get there which is taken out of our time therefore your dog will be in our company for longer (depending on your location). For solo/single household walks & pop-ins the time specified is the minimum amount of time spent with your pets/at your property.

We always keep to a manageable number of dogs, we do not walk in large groups which ensure a safe & enjoyable walk for the dogs, ourselves & people/dogs we may come across whilst walking

Due to operational reasons & to ensure we will always be available for you we can only provide this service to those who have a regular week to week requirement for a dog walker (excluding holidays) & usually for at least 3 days per week. We are unable to provide any adhoc or one-off dog walking.

Our normal working days are Mon-Fri.Saturday walks are subject to availability & carry a 50% surcharge. We do not usually provide a service on Sundays or Bank Holidays.

Unless a solo walk is specified your dog needs to be well socialised, have good recall (or be walked on a flexi-lead), be fully vaccinated, able to travel and preferably speyed/neutered.

Dog walks are available to dogs living in Stamford, Great Casterton, Little Casterton, Tinwell, Collyweston, Duddington, Ketton, Easton on the Hill & Wothorpe. We may be able to cover other areas for a small surcharge.

Additional Terms of Service & exclusions to all of the above also apply. You will receive a copy of these at consultation. If you would like a copy in advance please let us know.

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